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Overcoming Barriers to Bring Food Safety Education to Afghanistan

During the spring 2019 semester, we worked with Amanda Deering to create videos that describe the Afghanistan Water Quality Project. The Afghanistan Water Quality Project team consisted of Deering and other Purdue faculty members.

They traveled to Afghanistan to teach college students about water quality, its importance, and how to improve and protect it. This program benefited many students who would have probably not had access to this education, equipment, and knowledge without the Purdue team.

This video describes some of the challenges the team faced.

While shooting our video, we took some behind-the-scenes photos in the Purdue Agricultural Communication studio and in Deering’s laboratory.

This is a picture in the AgCom video studio! You can see that it is crucial to have multiple cameras shooting the subject. For this video, the crew set up two different cameras and monitored them at all times. Also, a member of the team was interviewing Deering for the video behind-the-scenes. That is something you will not hear in the finished video!
These are some behind-the-scenes pictures of us shooting in Deering's laboratory. It was such a cool space, filled with science equipment. Being there really connected us to what she teaches to the students in Afghanistan. Deering is so passionate about food safety and protecting water quality (both here and in Afghanistan). We really enjoyed seeing the equipment in person and getting to really see Deering in her element!

About Visionaries

This video is part of the Visionaries series, which highlights the work and lives of researchers in the Purdue University College of Agriculture. Visionaries is a collaboration with Envision magazine.

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The videos were created by the student filmmakers of YDAE 491 (Digital Storytelling), part of the agricultural communication program in the Purdue Department of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication.

The team members for this video are: Shoko Nakatake (leader for this video), Rebecca Carmeli-Peslak, Hayley DeHaan, and Myra Rademacher.