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What Did I Just Get Myself Into?

Have you ever imagined working in a different country? In a country where you have never been, a country which has totally different values and even can be a warzone?

Meet Amanda Deering, a clinical professor in the Purdue Department of Food Science. One day, some of Deering's fellow professors invited her to be part of an ongoing water quality project in Afghanistan. Although she did not have any international extension experience, she agreed.

"My colleagues were already there, so I had to go alone," Deering said. "I remember . . . getting off the plane, and putting on my headscarf, and thinking, 'What did I just got myself into?'"

This video describes how she got involved in The Afghanistan Water Quality Project.

Interviewing Deering was an eye-opening experience for me. She talked to us about how she adapted to Afghanistan and the ongoing difficulties there. In this video, Deering tells us how she got involved and how going to Afghanistan changed her status as a world traveler. Her story is gripping yet very honest.

About Visionaries

This video is part of the Visionaries series, which highlights the work and lives of researchers in the Purdue University College of Agriculture. Visionaries is a collaboration with Envision magazine.

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The videos were created by the student filmmakers of YDAE 491 (Digital Storytelling), part of the agricultural communication program in the Purdue Department of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication.

The team members for this video are: Shoko Nakatake (leader for this video), Rebecca Carmeli-Peslak, Hayley DeHaan, and Myra Rademacher.