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Building Sustainability

In this video of Eva Haviarova— and in all of the videos we created for this series, note the dress on a mannequin behind her.

Believe it or not, the dress is made from wood products.

Haviarova, an associate professor of forestry and natural resources, created the dress as a way to demonstrate how we can upcycle wood materials. The dress features wood shavings, leftover veneers, and mismatched pieces of wood in an intricate design.

And yes, it’s wearable.

Haviarova said her goal was to show how fun and wonderful wood as a material can be.

Finding novel ways to use every part of the tree is something Haviarova has dedicated her career to. It fits in with her vision of sustainability.

Haviarova has devoted her career not just to sustaining forests, but to practices that sustain individuals and entire communities — she helps train people to look for way to use the materials they have on hand to create valuable and useful products.

About Visionaries

This video is part of the Visionaries series, which highlights the work and lives of researchers in the Purdue University College of Agriculture. Visionaries is a collaboration with Envision magazine.

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The videos were created by the student filmmakers of YDAE 491 (Digital Storytelling), part of the agricultural communication program in the Purdue Department of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication.

The team members for this video are: Sheradan Hill (leader for this video), Laine Barth, Rebecca Frazier, and Hannah Tucker.



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