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Controlled Environments Extend Possibilities

When we spoke with Krishna Nemali, assistant professor of controlled environment agriculture, his vision and drive for the agriculture industry was clear.

Nemali and his group of student researchers are paving the way for the future of controlled environment agriculture.

Controlled environment agriculture blends engineering and computer-managed greenhouses to optimize and enhance crop production. Practices include vertical farming, hydroponics, and different LED lighting operations. These farming processes are ways that allow the "average" person to find ways they can become involved in food production.

Nemali's work with Purdue Extension is helped him teach companies, schools, and individuals how they can implement these practices into their everyday lives. Currently, Nemali and his team work alongside companies throughout Indiana to help transform and utilize the space they have to practice controlled environmental agriculture.

One individual consulted Nemali to help transform his garage into a controlled environment for growing produce. Even when given everyday space, Nemali can help growers transform areas by using vertical farming, LED lighting, and sometimes, hydroponics.

Nemali’s engagement also crosses over into his student research team. One student is developing an app to help farmers, producers, and companies for their growing businesses.

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