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Teaching Good Practices Is Leading to Positive Change

For Amanda Deering, there is no more important science in life than water. From water quality, to post-harvest water contamination, to food safety, Deering is passionate about assuring the quality of water used in farms and around food.

That work even took her to Afghanistan, which she describes in this video.

Deering's passion began in Indiana, where the clinical assistant professor in the Purdue Department of Food Science got involved with growers and food producers. She works with them to manage water contamination in the water they use by collecting samples and testing them for bacteria such as E. coli.

"We’ve trained over 500 growers so far in good agricultural practices," Deering said.

Most recently, these trainings have focused on helping producers meet new federal regulations on produce growing practices. Deering educates farmers about the new regulations and how to comply with them.

"They just want to grow high-quality, safe products for consumers," Deering said of Indiana produce farmers. "They are all on board…it’s not just the big growers, it's the little growers and everything in between."

Deering took her work and knowledge abroad as well. She is involved in the Purdue Afghanistan Water Project, a multi-year initiative to increase food and water safety knowledge among students at Herat University in Herat City, Afghanistan.

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