Approved List of Student Teaching Sites

To become eligible to host an Indiana agricultural education student teacher, an Indiana Agricultural Science and Business Teacher must complete and return the following information no later than September 30th of the current school year to:
Dr. Allen Talbert
Purdue University
915 W State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907

1. Complete and return a copy of the Excel summary sheet.
2. Complete Self-Study of Standards and Quality Indicators.
3. Read the Cooperating Teacher Handbook, then complete and return pages 3-7.

These documents will be reviewed by the Purdue Agricultural Education faculty/staff and the Indiana Team AgEd. If approved, your school will appear on the approved list of student teaching sites for the following school year (Example: September 30, 2018 apply for Spring 2020). It will remain on the list until a change in agriculture teacher occurs or the teacher/school requests it be removed.

The process for Purdue Agricultural Education students to select a student teaching site is explained in the Steps in Placement at a Student Teaching Center document.

Student Teaching Forms