Is Agricultural Education For You?

Deciding on a college major can be a difficult and time-consuming decision. But if you enjoy agriculture and working with people, and want a career that's both fun and rewarding, you may want to think about agricultural education. There is a high demand for agricultural science and business teachers both in Indiana and across the United States. In addition, agricultural education graduates are highly sought after for positions in business, government, and other professions where the ability to communicate and work with people is in demand.

Approximately two-thirds of agricultural education graduates enter the teaching profession; one-fourth may work for a variety of businesses, organizations, and governmental agencies; with the remainder entering graduate school for further education. Salaries are very competitive and vary depending on the type of job.

Students complete 128 credit hours of classes to earn a bachelor's of science degree in Agricultural Education. Coursework, taught by award-winning, committed instructors, includes biological sciences, math, chemistry, humanities selectives, international understanding selectives, agriculture selectives, as well as education classes.