Dr. Mark Tucker teaches a course in publication design.

About Us

The Purdue Agricultural Communication program includes about 70 undergraduate students.
There are four members of our teaching staff.

Photo of Beth Forbes Beth Forbes is the Purdue Agriculture Director of Science Communication and a Continuing Lecturer. She teaches ASEC 10100 (Agriculture, Science and Social Issues) and other courses.

Forbes helps Purdue Agriculture faculty, staff, and students better communicate science information to the public. She also is an Issues 360 advisor.

Photo of Dr. Linda Pfeiffer Dr. Linda Pfeiffer is an Assistant Professor Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication. She teaches ASEC 35500 (Controversial Science & Media in the Public Sphere), ASEC 48000 (Agricultural Communication Capstone Seminar), and other courses.

Dr. Pfeiffer's research interests center around the communication of complex science to the public. She also is an Issues 360 advisor.

Photo of Kevin Leigh Smith Kevin Leigh Smith is an Academic Advisor, Continuing Lecturer, and Communication Specialist. He teaches ASEC 28000 (Digital Storytelling), ASEC 38000 (Feature Writing and Publication), AGR 12100 (Introduction To Agricultural Sciences Education And Communication Academic Programs), and other courses.

Smith is the primary academic advisor for all incoming students and for freshmen and sophomores. Please contact him if you have questions about the Agricultural Communication major - including STAR, campus visits, and registration. Smith also is the person to contact if you wish to receive credit for communication internships.

Photo of Dr. Mark Tucker Dr. Mark Tucker is a Professor of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication and the coordinator of the Agricultural Communication program. He teaches ASEC 15200 (Agricultural Communication Seminar), ASEC 28500 (Introduction to Publication Design), ASEC 48000 (Agricultural Communication Capstone Seminar), ASEC 54800/59000 (Communicating Science to the Public), and other courses.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Tucker is an academic advisor, primarily for juniors and seniors in our program.