Soil Basics

Hover over the Information sheet for a brief description; Click on the shovel and paper clip(s) for the activity and accompanying attachment(s); Click on the start button for a video introduction to the activity. (Note: many of the activities were written for the Indiana 4-H Soil and Water Science curriculum. Contact for more information.)

Title Introduction Activity Attachments Video
Color Clues Color Clues Color Clues GravelNRCS,Soil,Intro video icon
Local Soils Local Soils  Local Soils video icon
Pest Management   Pesticides video icon
Soil Components Soil Components   video icon video icon video icon
Soil Erosion Water Erosion  Soil Erosion  Wind Erosion  Soil Erosion Testing   video icon
Soil Formation Soil Formation   video icon
Soil Moisture Soil Moisture Estimating Soil Moisture video icon   video icon   video icon   video icon   video icon
Soil Nutrients     video icon video icon
Soil Organisms Life in the Soil  Soil Organisms Soil Food Web video icon   video icon   video icon  video icon  video icon
Soil Origins Soil Origins   video icon
Soil Profiles Soil Profiles   video icon  video icon
Soil Texture Soil Texture 1  Soil Texture 2    Soil Texture Information Soil Texture Chart video icon