Graduate Research

Design, Implementation, and Assessment of Mathematical Modeling of Agriculturally Based STEM Activities at the Elementary Grade Level
Clark, Quintana, 2021 PDF File

Exploring Diverse Rural Elementary Students Interests and Concerns of the Food System after Participating in a Virtual AGRI+STEM Experience
Kornegay, Ryan, 2021 PDF File

Columbian Rural Youth Decision-Making Process Regarding Migration, University Education and Careers
Zabala, Perilla, Andres, 2021 PDF File

Obstacles Encountered and Overcome by Female Agricultural Entrepreneurs in Niche Markets
Alexander, Elizabeth, 2020

Using Critical Race Theory to Examine how Predominantly White Land-Grant Universities Utilize Chief Diversity Officers
Allen , Brandon, 2020 Flash Video File

Assessing Systems Thinking Skills Development among High School Students in the Context of Sustainable Food Systems
Charoenmuang, Mingla, 2020 Flash Video File

Disappointed but not Surprised: A Critical Narrative Inquiry of Black Women's Doctoral Experiences in Agricultural and Life Science Disciplines
Cropps, Torrie, 2020 Flash Video File

Development and Validation of a Survey Instrument to Measure Former Member Perceptions of Youth Development Organizations
Gunderson, Alee, 2020 Flash Video File

A Comparative Analysis of Agriculture and Science Teacher’s Approach and Efficacy Teaching Problem Solving
Nelson, Bryanna, 2020

Attitudes and Perceptions of Smallholder Farmers Towards Agricultural Technologies in Western Kenya
Nyairo, Newton, 2020

Exploration of the Role of an Urban Farming Program in Promoting Youth's Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Healthy Eating Intentions for Minority Youth Attending Felege Hiyot Center, Indianapolis
Nzaranyimana, Theoneste, 2020

The Sociocultural Dynamics of Food (In) Security Among Farming Households in Oyo State, Nigeria
Bisi-Amosun, Olamide, 2019

Exploring the Employability Skills and Academic Success of the National FFA Membership
Copeland, Britt, 2019 Flash Video File

Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of culturally Responsive Teaching and Their Sense of Belonging and Academic Self-Efficacy in Higher Education
Huang, Yujie, 2019 Flash Video File

Development of a Reflexive Modernization Theoretical Perspective to Predict Indiana Resident's Perceptions of Emerging Science and Technology
Knies, Kami, 2019 Flash Video File

Indiana Farmers' Level of Adoption and Perceptions of Mobile Applications as Agricultural Management Tools
Leeuw, Jaclyn, 2019 Flash Video File

Factors Influencing Indiana Residents' Level of Interest in Engaging with Purdue University
Rice, Ashley, 2019 Flash Video File

Determining the Effects of Evidence-Based Messaging on Millennial Agriculturalists’ Attitudes towards Genetically Modified Food
Ballmer, Erica, 2018

Working Equids: A Case Study Investigating if Locus of Control Affects Welfare in Central America
Brizgys, Lauren, 2018

Exploring the Effects of a STEM Integrated Program on Girl Scouts’ Pro-Environmental Intentions
Furrer, Miranda, 2018

Horses in Agriculture Online: Designing, Developing, and Assessing Situational Interest an Online Museum Exhibit Using the Systems Approach Model of Instructional Design
Lofgren, Elise, 2018

Urban Parents' Motivation Regarding their Child's Participation in Agriculture and STEM Activities
Pettigrew, Alexandria, 2018 Flash Video File

Youth Perceptions of Equine Welfare Among Common Horse-Human Interactions
Rice , Brandon, 2018

An Exploratory Study of Adult Interactions Among Youth Livestock Exhibitors
Johnson, Abby, 2017

An Exploratory Study of the Relationships Among Middle School Students’ Food and Garden Experiences and Their Engagement and Motivation
Martin, Amonte, 2017

Exploratory Study of Factors Impacting Mindset in Youth Involved in the Indiana 4-H Animal Science Projects
Sajdera, Kelsey, 2017

A Case Study Analysis of Minority Student's Negotiation of STEM, Racial/Ethnic, and Graduate Student Identities
Brown, Brittini, 2016

Farmers' Use of Mobile Phone Technology for Agricultural Information Services in Lilongwe District, Malawi
Chisama, Benjamin, 2016

Exploration of Alumni Perceptions Regarding Career Development and Impact of the Indiana 4-H Program
Lee, Alli, 2016

High School Students? Dispositions Toward Agriculture and Agricultural Careers Upon Completion of a Pre-College Experience
Scherer, Andrea, 2016

Influence of Social Cognitive Variables on he Career Goals and Exploratory Behaviors of African American Undergraduate Agricultural Sciences Majors at Historically Black Land-Grant Institutions
Ding, Qi, 2015

Climate and Culture in Northwest Indiana Food Pantries: Client and Director Perceptions of Meat Quality, Packaging, and Information Preferences
Gee, Amanda, 2015

A New Historicist Analysis of Education and Female-Life Factors in the 1926 Indiana Prairie Farmer Magazine Column "John Turnipseed"
Mills, Jessica, 2015

A Review of the Military Extension Internship Program
Musselman, Lynette, 2015

The Influence of an advanced Agriculture & Life Science Course on Student’s Views of the Nature of Science
Alexander , Megan , 2014

Socio-Economic Factors with the Adoption of Conservation Agriculture Among Women Farmers in Balaka District, Malawi
Chisenga, Chimwemwe, 2014

Examining Teachers' Knowledge and Attitudes toward Immigration and undocumented immigrants
Cruz, Esmeralda, 2014

Broadening the Agricultural Communication Historical Foundation with Human Perspective: The Utilization of Oral History and Grounded Theory in Expanding and Building Historical Discourse
Federer, Natalie, 2014

Role of Agriculture Extension in Smallholder Farmer Adaptation to Climate Change in Blantyre District Malawi
Mkisi, Raphael, 2014

Impact of Operation:Military Kids Residential Camping Programs on Military Youth's Self-Efficacy Toward Military Related Resiliency Skills
Clary, Christy, 2013

preferences of Goat Farmers on Method of Instruction and Characteristics of Adopters
Kwelepeta, Roy, 2013

Agricultural Information Perceptions and Behaviors of Smallholders Farmers in the Central Region of Malawi
Masambuka, Fallys, 2013

Acculturation Orientations of Indiana 4-H Adult Volunteers toward Minorities
Myers, Lindsay, 2013

Effectiveness of Field Days on Promoting the Adoption of Recommended Improved Maize Varieties by Small Holder Farmers in Lilongwe District Malawi
Tegha, Yakosa, 2013

Educational Needs and Perceptions of Individuals Who Raise Backyard Poultry in Indiana
Brown, Erika, 2012 PowerPoint File

Characteristics and Volunteering Behaviors of Purdue Master Gardeners Interns and Master Gardeners
Gall, Elizabeth, 2012 PowerPoint File

Preparing Students for Higher Education and Careers in Agriculture and Related Fields: An Ethnography of an Urban Charter School
Henry, Kesha, 2012 PowerPoint File

Promising Practices of Dairy, Horse and Livestock Evaluation Career Development Coaches
Voigt, Melissa, 2012

Evaluating and Enhancing Indiana 4-H Member Participation in Natural Resource Education.
(Wickert) Miller, Julia, 2011 PDF File

Motivational factors related to Youth performance in a 4-H/FFA State Horticulture Career Development Event.
Jones, Amy Jo, 2011 PDF File PowerPoint File

Participation in an Educational Dairy Farm Event Related to Consumers Motivations & Dairy Production Beliefs.
Nobbe-Lafollette, Lindsay, 2011 PDF File PowerPoint File

Motivation and Career Outcomes of a Precollege Life Science Experience for Underrepresented Minorities.
Ortega, Robbie, 2011 PDF File

Science Communication Beliefs of Researchers Based in the Philippines and the United States: A Qualitative Analysis of Research Cultures and Worldviews
Ponce de Leon, Inez, 2011

An Exploratory Study of the Five Cs Model of Positive Youth Development Among Indiana 4-H Youth.
Robinson, Abby, 2011 PDF File PowerPoint File

The Integration and Use of Educational Technology in Indiana's Secondary Agricultural Education Classrooms
Wynkoop, Ryan, 2011 PDF File

Investigating Methods for Using Ractopamine Hydrochloride in Domestic Beef Cattle and Factors Affecting Body Condition of Cattle on Il N'gwesi Group Ranch in Kenya, Africa.
Culp, Kyle, 2010 PDF File

Increasing Hispanic Participation in 4-H Youth Development Programs in Indiana
Haines-Sturtevant, Sara, 2010 PDF File

Elementary Students' Knowledge and Interests Related to Active Learning in a Summer Camp at a Zoo.
Shields, Noah, 2010 PDF File

Pictures Versus Text: Modality Effects Across Three Levels of Learning and Study Time.
Beagle, Janet, 2009

The Effects of The Apple Genomics Project Active-Learning Lessons on High School Students' Knowledge, Motivation and Perceptions of Learning Experiences and Teachers' Perceptions of Teaching Experiences
Hejny - Mueller, Ashley, 2009 PDF File

"An Educational Analysis of Chinese Business Development Strategies by United States Agricultural Companies: A Delphi Study."
Peng, JiaJiang, 2009

Evaluation of Identification Systems for Exhibition Animals and the Ability of Those Exhibitions to Comply with the National Animal Identification System
Reiff, Kelli, 2009

An Evaluation of Electronic Identification in 4-H Beef, Sheep and Swine.
Simmons, Brittany, 2009 PDF File

Perceived Benefits of Polish 4-H in the Swietokrzyskie Voivodship of Poland.
Stanish, Lee, 2009

Indiana County Extension Boards: Perceptions of Factors Impacting Board Effectiveness
Farris, Edward, 2008

Analysis and Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Poultry Biosecurity and Disease Prevention Curriculum.
Kohlhagen, Kyle, 2008

Effects of Crude Glycerin on Feedlot Performance, Carcass Characteristics, Hormone and Metabolite Concentrations, and the Fatty Acid Profile in Market Lambs
Musselman, Ashley, 2008

Indiana 4-H HOrse and Pony Adult Volunteers' Valuation of Equine Welfare
Rappaport, Natalie, 2008 PDF File

Relationships Between Agriscience Education Student Achievement in Science and Agriscience Teacher Certification
Schut, John, 2008

The Master of Agricultural Communications: Graduates' Perceptions of Degree and Program Effectiveness and Recommendations for Future Development.
Siegfried, Whitney, 2008 PDF File

An Evaluation of an On-line Retinal Imaging Tutorial
Slack, Kelli, 2008

Assessment of Cross-Cultural Professional Development: Short-Term Immersion Experience in Mexico
Snaza, Jessie, 2008

Indiana 4-H Junior Leaders' Perceptions of Their Communication Skills
Wickert, Sarah, 2008

Reading with Maggie: The Effect of the Presence/Absence of a Classroom Pet Dog in a Reading Intervention Package
Bassette, Laura, 2007

An Evaluation of Retinal Imaging Technology for 4-H Beef and Sheep Identification
Blomeke, Christy, 2007

The Dilemma of Student Downshifting: Pedagogical Practices Which Influence Downshifting In High School Agricultural Science Programs
Hains, Bryan, 2007

The Four Essential Elements and the Perceptions of Indiana 4-H Members and Their Parents/Guardians on the Impact of the 4-H Youth Development Program on 4-H Member's Development.
Woodward, Pandora, 2007

There's a Pig in My Classroom: Evaluation of Elementary Educational Swine Curriculum's Effectiveness
Pence - Wagler, Sarah, 2006

An Evaluation of Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) Instruction, Live Instruction, and Live Animals in Third Grade Classrooms.
Platt, Jenise, 2006

A Collaborative Extension Garden-based School Nutrition Program: Measuring the Interests, Behaviors, and Self-efficacy of Third Grade Youth Participants and their Families
Kararo, Matthew, PowerPoint File