Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Colleen Brady, Associate Professor - Extension Education
Animal Science as a context for life science education, youth motivation for participation in life science based educational activities, technology as a delivery method for life science education.

Dr. Natalie Carroll, Professor - Extension Education
Informal learning, especially science learning through environmental and natural resources experiences. Student motivation and learning.

Dr. Linda Chezem, Professor - 4-H Youth
Ethical Issues in Forensic Science
Ethical and Legal issues in Research
Justice System education
Legal Issues in Alcohol Use and Misuse

Dr. Levon Esters, Associate Professor - Extension Education
Career development theory and practice; career education; use of agriculture as a context for teaching and learning STEM; application of social cognitive career theory to diverse youth in urban life science educational contexts.

Dr. Neil Knobloch, Associate Professor - Extension Education
Motivation; personal epistemology; experiential learning; learner-centered teaching; science literacy

Dr. Kathryn Orvis, Associate Professor - Extension Education
Informal science, agriculture and environmental education through youth gardening including the Junior Master Gardener (R) program. Utilizing youth gardening as a teaching tool for topics related to STEM education Biotechnology Education, especially related to the use of animations and digital media.

Dr. Jerry Peters, Professor - Agricultural Education
Professor Peters' research is directly linked to his teaching and his belief in creating an effective atmosphere for learning. His interest is in teacher effectiveness through the development of teaching strategies/methods that can be used both in teacher preparation and in the classroom by teachers. Specifically, his research has focused on reflective teaching in secondary teacher preparation programs and S.A.I., Student Assisted Instruction, a teaching strategy for secondary high school teachers. Peters continually receives requests from his peers in agricultural teacher education for his work on reflective teaching. His materials continue to help new professors in the field. Dr. Peters has conducted research studies using experimental research designs and survey research designs.

Dr. B. Allen Talbert, Professor - Agricultural Education
Under-represented populations in agriculture and agricultural education; adult learning; qualitative and mixed methods studies; experiential learning

Dr. Roger Tormoehlen, Professor
Electronic-based learning, engineering literacy, inquiry/challenge-based learning

Dr. Mark Tucker, Professor Agricultural Communication
Risk communication; audience analysis; strategic issues management, sociology of higher education, agricultural journalism education