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INDIANA Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP)

The primary purpose of this educational event is to increase youth understanding of wildlife ecology and management practices. In addition to learning about wildlife, several other skills are developed, including: team work, oral and written communication, decision making, leadership,  and interpersonal/social skills.

This event is sponsored by Purdue Extension, The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, The Indiana Wildlife Society, and Indiana FFA. (Committee)

Next Indiana WHEP CDE -- Regional: Second Saturday in April

State (for Regional winners only): Second Saturday in May

Note: Senior (high school) teams only

Training Materials

The following publucations are available at Purdue's The Education Store, The Education Store,

Other Resources

Interested in a career working with wildlife? View the Purdue Department of Forestry & Natural Resources video to see what it is all about!

everything WILDLIFE,

Publication: The Basics of Managing Wildlife on Agricultural Lands, available at Purdue's The Education Store, The Education Store, - enter "FNR-193" in the Store Search box (upper rhs)