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Indiana 4-H Shooting Sports

Instructor/Educator Resources

Indiana Youth Participation: 1984 - 2018

Indiana 4-H information:

4-H Shooting Sports: 4-H Program overview (2020)

Coordinators Recertification Training, Next session: September 15, 2021, 6:30 - 8 p.m.

  • 2020 Indiana 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator Handbook Fall 2020
  • Recertification Powerpoint slides PPT, 2020
  • Video recording (mp4), of the September 16, 2020 webinar

    Indiana Certification Workshop - held at Ross Camp

    • All workshops will be held at Ross Camp in Tippecanoe County.
    • Registrations are due two weeks before the workshop IHEA.
    • IHEA will provide map and agenda via e-mail
    • Note: all disciplions minimum and maximums on the number of participants
    • Future Workshop Dates:
      • Spring, 2021: April 9-11, Ross Camp
      • Fall, 2021: September 10-12, Ross Camp
      • Registration: IHEA website (electronic Registration Form & Health Form)
  • Promotional brochure: Adults (4-H-707), Youth (4-H-707Y)

    Indiana Policy Statement

    Note: Purdue's liability coverage extends to 4-H members and certified instructors only.

    Indiana Position Statement

    4-H Shooting Sports Welcome Letter Template (thanks to Ron Carter, Howard County Coordinator) Project Meeting

    Safety meeting: Agenda - Quiz Project completion and exhibits Indiana

    4-H Shooting Sports Youth manual (The Education Store, enter 4-H-950 in the Store Search box) Instructor's Guide, 4-H-1007-W - includes answers to youth manual ID's, word finds, cross-word puzzle, and experiential learning, and poster suggestions.)

    4-H Shooting Sports Youth website: Indiana State 4-H Office page; Indiana 4-H Project page Indiana State Fair, project & exhbit information