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The Biological Control of Purple Loosestrife curriculum was developed for informal educational settings.

Download: Youth manual, Educator/Facilitator manual

Print copies of the youth guide are still available. Contact Natalie Carroll ( for more information.

The youth manual includes the following activities:
- Introduction to wetlands
- Aliens among us
- Annual wetland plant diversity survey
- Is purple loosestrife a problem in our county?
- Biological control of purple loosestrife
- Biological control agent: host-plant specificity
- Purple loosestrife & galerucella beetle rearing
- Observations & life cycles
- Galerucella beetle release\
-Evaluating the impact of galerucella on purple loosestrife

Educational Standards

The leaders guide (4-H 918) has answers to the youth manual activities (above) and the following, additional topics:

Additional resource: Galerucella life cycle (in a wetland habitat)

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Updated: September, 2006