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Forestry Career Development Event (CDE)

  • Note! (July, 2016)
  • The Rossville FFA Chapter Forestry Wood and Seed Kits We will have the finished products (very well done) ready to be picked up at the Indiana State Fair. You may pick up kits at the State Fair on Thursday, August 4, Sunday August 14, or Sunday, August 21. Mr. Dale Griffin will have the kits in the FFA Pavilion (someplace out of the way in the back of the building). You may pick kits up if you've paid, you may pick kits up if you haven't paid and will send a check later, you may have a kit ordered or not ordered, or you may pay when you pick them up. You may also pick the kits up at Rossville High School if you are going to be nearby. Or we can make any arrangements that would work better for you. There are 36 kits available - on a first come basis.
  • Objectives:

    • Learn about forest ecosystems, forestry management, and the utilization of forest products
    • Identify trees by leaves, seeds, and woods
    • Develop leadership skills and practice good study habits
    • Appreciate and manage Indiana's forest resources wisely
    • Teams must qualify at an Area CDE in order to attend the State Career Development Event. Contact your local Extension office for contest dates, to register, to ask about publications, or for more information.
    • Contest guidelines are available in the Indiana 4-H Career Development Events website,
    • Making a practice kit

    Question Bank

    The questions in this database will be used for the Area and State Forestry CDEs. The questions may be rephrased (the content will not be altered) and the answers may be re-arranged from what is listed.


    • 2014 Area CDE quizzes (JR, SR)
    • Old 4-H manuals
    • National 4-H Forestry contest information (Word document)
    • Interested in a career in Forestry?
      • View the Purdue Department of Forestry & Natural Resources video to see what it is all about!
      • Read the Society of American Foresters brochure
    • Making a practice kit
    • Contest Resource
    • Identification Resources
    SR area forestry contest exam and Key 14