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Entomology (Indiana 4-H)

There are more kinds of insects in the world than all other organisms combined. They live on the earth's surface, in the soil, and in water. Insects live in deserts, rain forests, hot springs, snow fields, and dark caves. This project will help you study insect and their relationship with people. You can also learn how to collect, preserve, and identify insects.

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Entomology Career Development Event (CDE ~ contest)

Other Resources

The book, Arthropod Collection & Identification, Laboratory and Field Techniques is an excellent resource for 4-H entomology members that are interested in collecting insects. The authors are Purdue Entomology faculty, Dr. Chris Oseto and Dr. Tim Gibb. This book includes chapters on: Equipment and Collecting Methods, Agents for Killing and Preserving, Storage of Specimens, and a whole section on Classification. ISBN-13:978-0-12-369545-1, ISBN-10:0-12-369545-7