Professional Training and Technical Assistance

This project supports the development of culturally relevant approaches to preventing sexual violence. MESA is able to offer multi-session training and technical assistance to organizations and communities seeking to prevent sexual violence.

MESA offers training under the following topics:

  • Outreach strategies to underserved populations
  • Engaging the Latina/o and immigrant community in sexual violence prevention
  • Reaching Migrant Farm Workers
  • Campus community outreach and organizing
  • Using theater and art in sexual violence prevention work
  • Coalition-building and community organizing
  • Developing culturally relevant and compelling sexual violence prevention efforts Using a popular-education approach, participants will gain tools to increase cultural sensitivity in an effort to prevent sexual violence within specific cultural groups
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaigns focused on critical populations 2010 Campaign is “Preventing sexual violence…on our campuses.” Previous examples include: Bandana Project, focused on low-wage immigrant workers and migrant farm workers, Media, Music and Lyrics in Sexual Violence Prevention, The Art of Sexual Violence Prevention

Featured Artist

Marta Sanchez is MESA's featured artist
Artist, survivor, and poet. Marta uses her art to advocate for gender and racial equality and healing for survivors

Marta Sanchez

Marta Sanchez presenting for the University of New Hampshire at Durham, 2010