Outreach with Native American/Tribal communities

This project focuses on the unique resource, training, and technical assistance needs of Native American/Tribal communities. The Native American community has been an active partner in the development of the Sacred Talking Circles and Native-framed workshops and prevention efforts. MESA seeks to decrease internalized oppression and to promote healing in Indiana’s intertribal indigenous communities.

MESA has worked with the Native American/Indigenous community to establish a restorative justice approach to conflict resolution that addresses both primary prevention and accountability for harm that has already been done through open discussion of harmful interpersonal relationships in Talking Stick Circles.

MESA provides training and education for social service providers to provide culturally sensitive services and prevention education to the indigenous community in the state of Indiana.

Native American Outreach photo
Native American Outreach photo

Featured Artist

Marta Sanchez is MESA's featured artist
Artist, survivor, and poet. Marta uses her art to advocate for gender and racial equality and healing for survivors

Marta Sanchez

Marta Sanchez presenting for the University of New Hampshire at Durham, 2010