Migrant Farm Worker Outreach Initiative

MESA collaborates with national migrant farm-worker service provider organizations in resource development. Through these collaborative efforts, MESA has helped create two fotonovelas focuses on preventing sexual violence in farm worker communities. MESA has also participated in the creation of a manual geared toward service providers who may work with the farm worker community.

MESA also provides resources and technical assistance to state and local organizations working to develop comprehensive sexual violence prevention strategies.

MESA provides direct sexual violence prevention education services to migrant farm-workers using a popular education, arts-based approach. MESA engages farm workers and farm worker service providers in a series of arts and theater-based activities designed to facilitate dialogue around sexual violence prevention.

Migrant Farm Family
Migrant Outreach Meeting

Featured Artist

Marta Sanchez is MESA's featured artist
Artist, survivor, and poet. Marta uses her art to advocate for gender and racial equality and healing for survivors

Marta Sanchez

Marta Sanchez presenting for the University of New Hampshire at Durham, 2010