Welcome to Mentoring at Purdue (M@P)! M@P is a mentoring program designed for women and minority graduate students in the College of Agriculture at Purdue University. M@P aims to improve the quality of graduate education by fostering mentoring relationships between graduate students and faculty or staff members in the Agricultural and Life Sciences. Mentoring has played a crucial role in the success of many individuals, especially those that are generally underserved. The M@P program will help students grow professionally, academically, and personally to become successful individuals in their chosen area of study.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a unique relationship between two individuals, a mentor who is commonly a more experienced individual that provides guidance and support to a less experienced individual, known as a mentee or protégé. Mentoring can be an extremely rewarding experience for both mentees and mentors.

In M@P, mentoring is more than academic advisement. A mentor is an academic advisor, coach, counselor, role model, and advocate for his or her mentees. M@P mentors provide their mentees with enhanced academic, professional, and social support.

About the Program

In M@P, mentors are generally faculty and staff who elect to participate in the program to provide support to underrepresented minority and women graduate students in the College of Agriculture.

M@P is designed to meet the mentoring needs of the mentors and mentees in the program through events, group forums, guest speakers, and workshops. As a participant in M@P, you will have numerous opportunities for academic and personal growth, support, encouragement, and assistance. M@P will provide training and guidance to both parties on how to have an effective mentor-mentee relationship.

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