Bioenergy: Fuel from Grasses App

The Bioenergy: Fuel from Grasses app provides an overview and introduction to various aspects of using native perennial grass for biofuel production. It covers everything from soil to seed to conversion. This app was developed to accompany the CenUSA Demonstration Plots’ Sign Tours in Roann and Trafalgar, Indiana. It may also be used as a stand alone learning experience.

Download & Install the App

  1. Download the APK
  2. Open Filem Manager on phone
  3. Navigate to Download folder and find the APK File
  4. Tap the APK file and click install (You make asked about allowing a 3rd party app to be install. Seletect yes or allow)
  5. Then run the app

CenUSA Bioenergy High School Curriculum

The High School Bioenergy Curriculum provides an introduction to various aspects of bioenergy and how it relates to a cleaner environment and potential careers. Lessons are designed for 10th-12th grade students being taught in a block schedule, but may be modified to suit the needs of the class. The curriculum addresses aspects of the following academic standards: Core Standards, Indiana State Standards, National AFNR Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards. The curriculum includes teaching script, activities, labs, handouts, and PowerPoints.

CenUSA Bioenergy High School Curriculum Lessons: