Providing timely information is essential, especially following a crisis
Denise Derrer was at home in March 2012. Like any other Friday night, she was unloading the dishwasher and cooking dinner when the phone rang. This time the call was not a drill. DerrerÂ’s counterpart from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security] informed her there was a tornado outbreak near Henryville, Indiana.
Mentoring relationships at the core of Egger's journey
"I'm just trying to do my dream job in the middle of a pandemic," said Tracie Egger. In the age of COVID-19, that dream job included daily Zoom meetings, but those meetings are still focused on helping others succeed.
Finding success means taking calculated risks
Several years ago, Andrea Schwartz was called for an urgent job interview. The interview was an hour away from home, the job was scheduled to start two days after the interview, and she did not know anyone else there. Even though taking this job sounded crazy in the moment, Schwartz did it.