Welcome From Dean Plaut

Karen Plaut, Glenn W. Sample Dean of Agriculture.
Fifty years ago, the Purdue Agricultural Society stopped publishing The Purdue Agriculturist magazine. If you were lucky enough to see the Agriculturist during its original run from 1906 through 1969, then this publication will seem familiar to you.
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Welcome From Dean Fernandez

Marcos Fernandez, Associate Dean and Director of Academic Programs.
As Purdue University celebrates its sesquicentennial this year, it's fitting that we look back at the extraordinary achievements and contributions our Purdue Agriculture family has made.
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Bioengineer perfecting the sweet smells of success

Evan Kelemen is a bioengineer who is working with DNA to reproduce the scents and tastes of certain plants without having to grow entire fields of the plants. Photo provided by Evan Kelemen.
Kelemen, who earned a bachelor's degree in biological engineering from Purdue in 2017, is a test engineer for Ginkgo Bioworks. Essentially, Ginkgo works to take the DNA that controls the scent, taste, or other properties of a certain product (like a rose or food flavoring), then "grow" that smell, scent, or property. In this way, it is easier and more efficient to replicate the scent
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Supporting students and industry runs in professor's family

Scott Downey uses real-life products to help his students learn sales and marketing techniques. One of his favorite examples to use in class also happens to be his favorite breakfast cereal. Photo by Morgan Sussman.
When Scott Downey is in front of a class of students talking about how buyers and sellers interact, he sometimes catches himself. He never thought that after 15 years as a banker, he'd go back to school. But when the opportunity arose to follow his father's footsteps, that's exactly where he went.
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Starting a dairy in ninth grade just one way she shows dedication

Lauren Jacobs, a sophomore Agricultural Education major. Photo by Kayla Groen.
About six years ago, Lauren Jacobs woke up feeling sick and did not want to get out of bed to milk her cows. She'd only had them for three days. But her mother reminded her that dairy farmers needed to milk their cows in good health or bad, so Jacobs got up, went to the barn, and proved she had what it took to run her own dairy farm.
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Couple aims to help children and families going through adoption

Photo provided by Scott and Shantel Beck
Last fall, a couple flew to China to finalize the adoption of their son. When they returned to the states, they began their new life as a family, forever changed by adoption. They describe the experience as "a blessing" - both for them as parents and for their son who receives the medical treatment he needs.
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Alumna strives to engage with others about agriculture

Allie Rieth, Agriculturist staff photo.
In the spring of 2012, Allie Rieth was a senior Animal Sciences major working hard with other students to pull off the very first Purdue Ag Week, a week full of agriculture-related events and activities aimed to bring more awareness about agriculture to students across campus.
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Professor thrives by motivating academically diverse students

Orla Hart (right) in the lab. Photo by Sarah Voglewede.
If you step into the first floor of the Biochemistry Building and peer into the teaching labs, you are likely to find Orla Hart engaging with her academically diverse group of students. Ranging from Animal Sciences to Chemical Engineering majors, these students gather every week for a few hours in the lab to conduct experiments.
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Researcher's investigations aim to save specialty growers' money

Janna Beckerman (left) and Ron Turco examine a test plot of hemp. Photo provided by Purdue Agricultural Communication.
Janna Beckerman heard rumors that Cannabis sativa L., or hemp, was a disease-resistant crop. Beckerman, a plant pathologist, is used to seeing crop losses from disease.
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Junior is sweet on honey bees and working to protect them

April Grummer is a junior Insect Biology major. Photo by Caydee Terrell.
April Grummer was tired and sweaty one afternoon after tracking and recording bees in the hot sun under the mesh net of an enclosed high tunnel. She entered the dining court of her residence hall and looked longingly at other diners savoring bowls of cool, sweet ice cream.
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Researcher envisions time when 'There's a fly in my soup' isn't a punchline

Gabriela Calzada Luna is a Purdue Food Science graduate. Photo by Julia Schmidt.
When she was growing up in Mexico City, Gabriela Calzada Luna's family would gather to eat dinner and laugh together. One of those dinners stands out: the first time she tried escamoles. After she watched her relatives eat them, she asked her mother to make her a taco topped with the small, fried escamoles.
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Goecker rescues history from the dustbin of AGAD building

Allan Goecker (far right) was part of the staff for The <i>Purdue Agriculturist</i> in this 1962 <i>Dedris</i> photo.
Allan Goecker's makeshift office is located in a dark storage room in the attic of the Agricultural Administration Building. His iMac sits on a card table with a single lamp - both brought from home - and is connected to an extension cord, because there's only one outlet in the whole room.
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Urban forester feels the calling of his Purdue Extension roots

Lindsey Purcell in his office with Purdue Extension publications. Photo by Sarah Abercrombie.
When he's in his campus office, Lindsey Purcell is often working the phone. On a recent day last fall, he was speaking to a graphic designer about a photo for a new Purdue Extension publication.
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Researcher driven to keep learning and sharing

Krishna Nemali explains a greenhouse test. <i>Agriculturist</i> staff photo.
From the neophyte undergraduate to the serious commercial grower, Krishna Nemali is the go-to person for controlled environmental agriculture. Whether he's lecturing about the nitty-gritty of starting up a greenhouse or working with a grower who's learning to use some new technology,
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Co-directors bring collaboration to their research and teaching

Laura Bowling (left) and Linda Prokopy. Photo by Kasha Halbleib.
It's easy to see that Linda Prokopy and Laura Bowling work well together. Prokopy recently explained some of the fine points of the Purdue Natural Resources and Environmental Science (NRES) program.
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The story of 'The PurdueAgriculturist' magazine

This printing press block of The <i>Purdue Agriculturist</i> is in the Purdue Agricultural Alumni Association collection. <i>Agriculturist</i> staff photo.
Beginning in December 1906 and continuing until May 1969, School of Agriculture undergraduates published their stories of the people, events, activities, challenges, and successes of Purdue Agriculture academic programs in The PurdueAgriculturist
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Then and Now

Sonny Beck's senior photo from the 1962 <i>Debris</i>

Before Lawrence "Sonny" Beck was the CEO of Beck's Superior Hybrids, before he began to serve on the Purdue Board of Trustees (2013), or even before he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Agriculture (2007), he was an accomplished Purdue student
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A DuPont dynamite ad from the 1923 <i>Agriculturist</i>.

When you think about farming tools, dynamite probably isn't the first thing to come to mind. But advertisements for farming with dynamite - like this one from the Agriculturist in 1923 - were actually common for the era.
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Glenn W. Sample's senior photo from the 1935 <i>Debris</i>.

Long before he was the namesake for the dean of the College of Agriculture, Glenn W. Sample was a member of the Agriculturist and Purdue Independent staffs.
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Howard Diesslin's senior photo from the 1943 <i>Debris</i>.

Howard Diesslin was a Purdue faculty member from 1948 to 1955, and was director of Purdue Extension from 1962 to 1983.
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Orville Redenbacher ('28) played the tuba for the Purdue

Orville C. Redenbacher, the founder of Orville Redenbacher Popcorn, earned a Purdue Agriculture bachelor's degree in 1928.
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David Pfendler's senior photo from the 1932 <i>Debris</i>.

David C. Pfendler was a longtime fixture in Purdue Agriculture when he retired in 1974 as associate dean
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Wayne Townsend was editor of the <i>Agriculturist</i> and was featured in the 1951 <i>Debris</i>.

W. Wayne Townsend, who ran as the Democratic Party's candidate for Indiana governor in 1984, started his leadership career at Purdue.
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Richard Kohls' senior photo from the 1942 <i>Debris</i>.

Richard L. Kohls is synonymous with excellence at Purdue. Each year, the College of Agriculture offers two awards named in his honor: the Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher award and the Kohls Outstanding Early Career award.
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Lillian Lamb's senior photo from the 1919 <i>Debris</i>.

In 1919, Lillian L. Lamb earned a bachelor's degree from Purdue's School of Agriculture. Her senior entry in the 1919 Debris credits her as being the first woman to earn a bachelor's degree in agriculture.
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Sherman Kessler's senior photo from the 1936 <i>Debris</i>.

Sherman Kessler served on the Purdue Board of Trustees from 1973 to 1988. He earned his bachelor's degree in Animal Husbandry from Purdue in 1936 and earned a master's degree in Agricultural Economics in 1938.
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